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Garrett Foerstel

// bass


Music is the language of the universe, tap in and we can connect.

Brett Duewel

// guitar


Floating down the water, inspiration flowing.

"Music is the weapon of the future" (Fela Kuti)

Andrew Haro

// drums


Blessed to make music with my best friends for the past 11 years. Music is the magic that makes up our existence. 

SAM19_EASY DUBS_12.jpg
SAM19_EASY DUBS_13.jpg
SAM19_EASY DUBS_11.jpg

Dub reggae roots with elements of psychedelic jams and improvisation create Eazy Dub’s musical aura. The EZD trio consists of Andrew Haro (drums, vocals) Brett Duewel (vocals, guitar) and Garrett Foerstel (bass guitar, vocals) . Eazy Dub from Sacramento, California comes together to form a dub reggae band unique from any other. Established in 2010 EZD continues to perform and evolve their music demonstrated in their first studio release and self titled album "Eazy Dub" released in October 2019. 

EasyDub 9-10-18-5.jpg
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